Bugei Ryûha Daijiten

Bugei Ryûha Daijiten

Probably the resource on the study of koryû bujutsu and the result of years of research on the classical schools by Watatani Kiyoshi and Yamada Tadashi, this book is a must have. First published in 1963 under the title of Bugei Ryûha Jiten, the name was changed during the publishing of several revised editions in the following years. The one I own is dated from the year 1978. It´s a huge and heavy book (970 pages). It´s not entertaining, it tells no story but it´s a great help to look up schools, especially when they are less known. Until now it was very useful, especially in case of the study of the schools from the country side, where no proper information can be found on the internet.

But still: I like it. If you can read Hiragana, you can navigate through the book. It becomes a bit tricky if you want to read all the content, but with a bit of koryû enthusiasm you can get into it pretty well.

Language: Japanese
Pages: 970
Year: 1978 – Hardcover – Slipcase

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