Hiden Nihon Jûjutsu

Hiden Nihon Jûjutsu

Hiden Nihon Jûjutsu written by Matsuda Ryûchi covers four different styles of jûjutsu: Takenouchi ryû, Yagyû Shingan ryû, Shôshô ryû and Daitô ryû. Each part contains detailed explanations, not just only on the history and the technical aspects of the school but covers also the lineages (with descriptions of each head of the school), the different levels (also with detailed descriptions) and its characteristics. The part about e.x. Yagyû Shingan ryû is dealing with information about the founders (edo-line, sendai-line), the line of teachers, the schools levels, explanations on suburi, atemi, katchû bujutsu, the jûjutsu no bu, heihô no bu, toritejutsu no bu and heijutsu no bu.  The whole part on this school goes about 50 pages. Each of the four schools is also described by many pages containing pictures of techniques, famous persons, densho and weapons. Especially the several densho are of interest, allowing us to grasp an idea of the historical value of those four schools.

Language: Japanese
Pages: 258 pages
Year: 1978

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