Kinsei Budô Bunken Mokuroku

Kinsei Budô Bunken Mokuroku

Early modern budô bibliography

Published in 1989, this book written by Irie Kôhei is one of the sources I use during my research on koryû bujutsu. So, what makes it so special? Well, it is – as the title suggests – a bibliography. A bibliography on written documents (densho) of koryû, categorized by name with reference to public and university libraries all over Japan, books, magazines and other publications by e.x. cultural authorities – let´s say – in Aomori prefecture. Moreover it provides basic information (if possible) on the date the document was issued and by whom. Where reading the documents name might be difficult without proper knowledge of the Japanese language, the author also provided the reading in the hiragana style. Besides it lists the volumes the document contains, the condition, sometimes information on the content and – what makes it even more easy to identify documents which might be of use – the topic the particular document is dealing with (e.x. kenjutsu, jûjutsu, gunpô, sôjutsu, etc.).

Due to the date of publication some of the documents might already have been moved but as far as my experience goes – and I already used it quite a lot – it is still very accurate and makes research on koryû bujutsu much easier.

Language: Japanese
Pages: 599
Year: 1989 – Hardcover – Slipcase

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