Suzuka-ke Bunsho Kaisetsu

Suzuka-ke Bunsho Kaisetsu – Explanations of documents by the Suzuka family

Published by the Zen Nihon Kendô Renmei in 2003, this book is the first of a four volume set on the documents which had been preserved within the Suzuka family, the Dai Nippon Butokukai Budô Senmon Gakkô and the ZenKenRen. This volume gives a historical introduction to several koryû, followed by explanations of densho connected to the koryû mentioned. These koryû are:

  • Yagyû Shinkage ryû
  • Jigen ryû
  • Jikishinkage ryû
  • Miwa Muteki ryû
  • Katoda Shinkage ryû
  • Taisha ryû
  • Unkô ryû
  • Musashi ryû
  • Shinkage ryû
  • Jiken ryû
  • Hokushin Itto ryû

Besides those 11 schools, other schools are also mentioned within the documents. One example would be the Yôshin ryû Naginatajutsu: Yôshin ryû Naginata Mokuroku, Yôshin ryû Gomokuroku, Yôshin ryû Menjô, Tantô Kuden and others, which can be found under the name of “Kotoda Bunsho” (records of Kotoda).

On 172 pages, 112 documents will be explained such as Katoda Densho Heihô Hiden, Miwa Muteki ryû Kenjutsu Densho, Kotoda Kadensho, Shinkage ryû Heisho Kudensho, Miyamoto Musashi Shoden – Niten ryû  Heihô Keiko Oboegaki, Jikishinkage ryû Hisho, Shinkage ryû Heihô Mokuroku, etc.

It need to be said that not all densho mentioned in the book are written down in complete. Sometimes the authors take just small parts but give a brief summary of the whole content of the densho.

As far as my research brought up already, the following volumes will deal with documents on both Katori Shintô ryû and Kashima Shintô ryû.

By time the last three remaining volumes will be described here, too.

Language: Japanese
Pages: 172
Year: 2003

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