Yagyû Shingan ryû Katchû Yawara

Yagyû Shingan ryû Katchû Yawara

Yagyu Shingan ryu

Yagyû Shingan ryû – Katchû Yawara has been written by Shimazû Kenji, one of the leading authorities in classical Japanese martial arts. In this book he describes many different aspects of this particular school, including kihon, beginner´s training, suburi, jûjutsu, several explanations concerning the usage of weapons, katchû no jutsu (fighting in armor), gunnery and further explanations (e.x. the topic of kiai).

The history of this school is quite interesting, due to the fact that during the decades several lines took their way into the modern world, which can still be practiced today. The one taught by Shimazu Kenji traces their lineage back to Takenaga Hayato, a man who founded Yagyû Shingan ryû after the study of several other classical schools, such as Shintô ryû, Toda ryû or Yagyû Shinkage ryû. He was granted the permission to use the name “Yagyû” by Yagyû Munenori after his study and employment at the Yagyû family in Edo.

What makes this book so special is the huge amount of photographs, including several descriptions of the school´s kata which makes it easy to understand, especially when the reader is not proficient in the Japanese language.


Language: Japanese
Pages: 254 pages
Year: 1979

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