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Jitte – Torinawa no Kenkyû

Jitte – Torinawa no Kenkyû – The study of Jitte and Torinawa

Written by the famous Nawa Yumio and published in 1964, this book features the use of the jitte and torinawa (arresting rope). Besides it also describes several other weapons for arrestings criminals, such as sasumata, tsukubô and sodegarami next to weapons less known like uchikomi, ryûta, kabutowari or chigiriki.

The whole book contains many black/white photos of the weapons and techniques described. The book starts from a historical perspective on arresting tools followed by a more detailed chapter on the tools used during the edo period. Jitte, torinawa and nagemono (throwing tools) are described here. A chapter also features shuriken and the use of the manriki kusari (chain).

This book is very interesting for people who want to learn more about arresting tools and how it is done. The huge amount of photos makes it easy to grasp an idea of what the author was aiming on while writing this book.

Language: Japanese
Pages: 240
Year: 1964 – Hardcover – Slipcase

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