Nihon Kobudô Sôran

Nihon Kobudô Sôran

Published in 1989 by the Nihon Kobudô Kyôkai in order to celebrate the 10th anniversary of its foundation, this book covers more than 90 schools of koryû bujutsu, devided into schools of jûjutsu and taijutsu, kenjutsu, iaijutsu and battôjutsu, sôjutsu, and bôjutsu, naginatajutsu, karate and okinawa kobudô, kusarigamajutsu, nihon no hôjutsu, kyûjutsu, other kind of martial arts and suijutsu.

Every chapter begins with some general information about the content. The kenjutsu chapter contains also some school trees of the several Ittô ryû lines, such as Ono-ha Ittô ryû, Hokushin Ittô ryû, Nakanishi-ha Ittô ryû and other.

Every school is described in history, technical characteristics, information on weapons, c0ntact information, training schedules, etc. Because of its age, most information might be out of date, but they are still giving an insight into the schools daily life.

Very interesting to me is the fast that the book covers also schools which are no longer member of the Nihon Kobudô Kyôkai or not mentioned on their internet page anymore. Especially interesting were the articles on Komagawa Kaishin ryû, Kôshin ryû Iaitôjutsu, Nagao ryû Taijutsu, Shinjin ryû Kenjutsu and Chokuyûshin ryû Kusarigamajutsu. Some schools are mentioned twice, such as Daitô ryû Aikijûjutsu and Tenjin Shinyô ryû (Tôkyô and Ôsaka). To nearly every school is a photograph attached. Besides the schools the book gives also a general historical overview about the foundation of ryûha during the pre-edo/edo and bakumatsu era. Moreover the way of licensing is also described using several examples such as Shôshô ryû, Takenouchi ryû, Kashima Shintô ryû, Jikishinkage ryû, etc.

Language: Japanese
Pages: 181
Year: 1989

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