Hello and welcome!

I´m Michael, currently living in Japan and studying the classical martial arts of Japan. Moreover I´m  – if time allows – also the publisher of “A Life for a Sword”, a German blog on Koryû Bujutsu and “Koryû in Deutschland”, a page which lists the koryû-dôjô in Germany.

The purpose of this page

Well, what is it all about? First of all: Books! Or more precise: Books on the classical martial arts of Japan. It will – mainly – cover books which are worth to be mentioned – from my perspective. If anyone has a different opinion, well…

During my time in Germany I felt a lack of having not enough good literature on koryû bujutsu at home in my bookshelf. After the shutdown of buyubooks.com a couple of years ago, it was quite hard to find some proper literature (of course, there are other places where you can puchase books on koryû bujutsu, e.x. the futagotrader – which I´d like to recommend here!).

The (other) purpose of this page

I would have loved to get all the books I can now purchase while living in Germany in the past – but as I already described: They were hard to find, sometimes way to expensive and for an ordinary guy way to difficult, getting in touch with Japanese book stores.
So, the other pupose of this page is the following: If a book caught your attention – tell me! Maybe I can help you in finding it. I don´t want to call this page a shop – it isn´t. I don´t want to earn money, so I would call myself more a consultant rather a dealer. The books described here might give you an idea of what kind of amazing books have been published here in Japan. Just have a look at the Yagyû Shingan ryû – Katchû Yawara by Shimazu Kenji: Tons of photographs, detailed descriptions of the schools kata and several other essays on kiai, clothes in martial arts, and so on.

I´d like to help people to find the books they are looking for – because I think that these books should be with people who know how to cherish them. So, if you need help, don´t hesitate to write me. You can use the contact form below.

But coming back to the main purpose: Enjoy the time here with some fine books on the classical martial arts of Japan! This page will develop further during the next months, so I´d be glad if you come back from time to time to pay it a visit.

Yours in Budô,


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